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Why Have your TV wall Mounted ?

When deciding to mount your TV on the wall there are a few things to consider. We have found that many of our customers choose to mount their televisions onto their wall so that they can save space. Saving space in an apartment can be a difficult task. Having a TV mounted on the wall can create a ton of extra space for your home or business.

Another popular reason that we find people choose to have their TV’s hung on the wall is for safety and child proofing. Many younger children like to grab at television screens and it could be unsafe and lead to disaster. Having the TV installed onto a wall would prevent a television from tipping over and injuring a child. Another very popular decision to have your TV Installed onto a wall is for the sleek  design and look. Aesthetics are very important when designing your home, & with your tv mounted on the wall it gives your home a more modern and clean look.

Mounting Brackets Starting $29.99

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Don’t have the mounting bracket yet? No problem! let us provide one for you at a fraction of the retail price.
We offer every type of mounting bracket.
-Flat TV Mounting Bracket
-Tilt TV Mounting Bracket
-Ultra Slim TV Mounting Bracket
-Full Motion Swivel Mounting Bracket


Surround Sound

Installation of a Home Theater System can be tricky. Placement of speakers and audio configuration play a very important role in Home Theater Installation. It’s our passion and our Home Theater installers have the expertise to handle any type of speaker installation.We have gone through extensive training with major manufacturer’s out there so we can design and install you home theater system in a way that is very simple and easy for you to operate.

CCTV Cameras

We can trouble shoot your existing security cameras if you are experiencing any problems. We also can design and install new CCTV camera systems to protect you and your family.

Ceiling Fan / Light Fixture Installation

We can get you ready for the warm days of summer by installing ceiling fans in your home. We can also brighten up those drab lit rooms with new light fixtures. Inquire for pricing.